Mindfulness, a mix of self-awareness and emotional intelligence with subtle differences. Being mindful has empathy, compassion, focus, and presence.

Focusing on what is happening now and putting everything else to the side. Spatial awareness, being mindful of the space you’re in. The people and objects that are in your space are essential to not running in to things.

Mindfulness meditation describes itself as non-judgmental. In being present in the moment and just knowing one exists, focusing on what is now.

Being mindful includes a reduction of discrimination of race, religion, ageism and sexual orientation. Being mindful of another situation or choice, respecting their position in life.

The phrase “To live in another’s shoes” as well as your own, is all about being mindful also known as empathy. But do not get empathy confused with sympathy, that is the outward expression of emotion. Such as sorry for your loss without the feeling of grief.

It has been suggested that mindfulness meditation has at least three components that interact closely to assist in self-regulation. These include improved attention control, emotion regulation, and altered awareness of self.

Being mindful can improve one’s sense of self and others in the world around them. Closely related to self-awareness and emotional intelligence on regulation of interaction with the world around us.

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