Deep breathing: Meditation

Deep breathing meditation helps to reduce stress using deep breathing exercises assists with stress reduction. Deep breathing is the art of taking in a breath and releasing in a controlled manner. It also can reduce, stress, anxiety, depression, add attentiveness to ADHD and improve self awareness.


New research is showing a more in-depth understanding of how meditation affects the body. At the DNA-protein level, telomeres, in creation of enzymes, may slow ageing and reduce heart disease and possibly reduce the chance of dementia.

The body will put more energy into stress management than it will on cellular rejuvenation. Although the author suggests that more research is needed, the data shows promising results.

One common exercise involves normally directing one’s interest to the unfolding of one’s present moment. Interoceptive or sensory revels the sensation of breath. Tracking one’s interest, and bringing it back once more when it strays.

Benefits of deep breathing:

Deep breathing increases oxygen to blood, effectively increasing oxygen to the brain. As well as other vital organs, this also includes physical exercise, when both are mixed health is improved. Improving cognitive and emotional functions in your everyday dealings. Meditation will have long effects on perception of one’s reality.

Meditation training is best learned in a supportive environment. This may be a particularly helpful training format for individuals prone to maladaptive acute stress responses. With ingrained telomere vulnerability factors, such as early adversity, insecure attachments or neuroticism

Deep breathing meditation exercise:

  • Sitting in a comfortable position
  • You may do this with eyes closed or open
  • Breathing in slowly filling your lungs to your maximum capacity.
  • Slowly releasing the air in your lungs to near empty
  • Repeat until relaxed
  • Breath normally (For as long as you feel you need to.)


Deep breathing meditative practices can have an immense positive impact on one’s health. On one’s physical, mental and emotional well-being are all positively affected by deep breathing mediation. Reducing one’s stress.


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