Here at 7 Meditations is an informational meditation, self awareness and stress reduction website.

We all need to reduce stress from our hard lives. The pressures we put ourselves through need to be unwound. This website gives you the links to tools to combat that stress.

Breathing exercises are great to reduce stress, but what does one do when that doesn’t work. We look to exercise then therapy, then possibly medication.

We need to learn how to practice self-awareness and not retreat into our minds. Often we get overwhelmed, making our stress worse.

The trick is getting content with our dilemmas. Self-awareness is not just about self, but your entire world, your environmental interactions.

Stress Reduction with Meditation

Meditation is the art of being with self through mind and breath in exploring or healing an unquiet mind as well as emotions. Relaxation is key to de-stressing. Some find meditation the key to a calm mind. There are many styles of meditation you can choose.

Stress Reduction through Self-awareness

Self-awareness is understanding self and your abilities. As with the following, this means being aware of self and your interactions with others.

The Dictionary Definitions for self-awareness are;

conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings.

an awareness of one’s own personality or individuality

Self-awareness in Psychology

Self-Awareness is defined as the accurate appraisal and understanding of your abilities and preferences and their implications for your behaviour and their impact on others. It’s reality-testing; a calibration against the facts of life.

Adrian Furnham Ph.D. Source*

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is all about understanding your emotions inside and out. On how you treat yourself and others. Reducing stress in understanding EQ through techniques and meditation. Being able to deal with conflict in one’s life is one of EQ.

Women meditating stress reduction
Photo by Valeria Ushakova