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Post by Brett Reilly

About 7 meditations blog on Thoughts of Importance (Possibly).

I will be writing short stories on random thoughts from experience and anxieties on social, politics and business from an external perspective. In other words looking in from the outside or behaviorism in science or third person for fiction writers.

However, these stories are all from my head and have no true merit in the real world or do they. Some stories will be based on real life events and others from outcomes from real events, however, names and events if used are not real within the stories and the situation of the character is not real. Each story is just one perspective and for you the reader to make your own judgments based on the story.

How you interpret the stories is entirely your own, you may comment or keep it to yourself to take on board as to decide for your self if it's right or wrong or who gives a hoot. You're a human being and have the right to think for yourself!

I hope you enjoy reading these short stories and wish you all the best in your journeys through life.

Brett Reilly.